The world is where it is today, only because of people like us, people who think differently, the iconoclasts, in other words, the misfits!

The power of the human mind has always fascinated me in more ways than one. The most fascinating one has been its ability to reorganize thoughts and memories when left at peace, making us think deeply about things that bother us, or most of the times, the people we care about, postponing our desire to fall asleep despite the exhaustion we feel. And being no exception, I went into deep thought a few nights ago as I watched the moon slowly traverse the starlit sky.

I imagined, what would the world been like if we all thought alike and our logic was as pristine as we think it to be? Would the world have been a better place to live in? At first glance, it does seem so. After all, we are talking of a unified view of the world, which is bound to be perfect in every rendition, right? I too thought the same, but after much thinking, I realized that without this difference in thinking, without the way in which everyone’s logic is heavily dependent on their past memories, the world would have never been as developed as it is today. If people did not have these differences, there would have been no wars in the past. Thus there would have been no need in the advancement of defensive and offensive technologies, which has been the pivotal point in every war, which have always led to further developments and discoveries. I am a staunch believer of the Butterfly theory, which states that even a rather inconspicuous event can lead to magnanimous outcomes, and these events have been just that.

Also, because of this difference in views, people have tried to prove each other wrong, and come up with grand tests and experiments, which sometimes didn’t work as they wished, but ended up discovering something completely new, or contradictory to either thoughts. Just imagine, if no one challenged our thoughts, we would still be living thinking the world is flat and is the centre of the universe, that men can never fly, and thinking that our world is only as vast as we can go! The pages of history are riddled with those who were different, and by those who dared. People who blended in were always lost. We often get scared when we realize we are, in one way or the other, different from the others, either in outlook or in opinion, but let me tell you, the world is today the way it is only because of people like us, people who thought differently, the iconoclasts, in other words, the misfits!