My Journey at LPU Campus! To write on this, I can fill in pages, as there’s a lot that LPU has offered me. 

To begin with, let me take you to the phase of my life when I joined LPU. I still remember the first day of my college, I was carrying two heavy bags, searching for the admission counter and the sun shining, blessing me with 40-degree Celsius of heat. Oh, God! It was a tough day, managing everything without any support, and then finally reaching the hostel room, which became my second home. And that’s how a new journey and a new phase in my life book started. 

I am a Pharmacy graduate, and as every other student, in 1st year, I also had the post freshmen induction enthusiasm to receive the academic honor and gold medal in my convocation ceremony. But you know that didn’t last for long, and semesters started to pass. 

It happened, I guess in the 2nd semester, that I joined the Division of Student Welfare, LPU, after being persuaded by friends, who always said, “Don’t be a book worm, Yash!” As I was academically in a well-off state, I started taking part in extracurricular activities, and my journey in DSW, initially as a Student Coordinator in various Student organizations and departments began. LPU’s Division of Student Welfare is a worshipped temple for students that offers millions of opportunities, which help enhance their personalities, making them better and confident individuals.

In the DSW, I have worked with various student organizations, viz., Wings of Hope, Aashray, Heartfulness, Divine, and many more, and served as a student coordinator & core member. Apart from the student organizations, I have had the privilege to be a part of the Department of Youth Capital. During my one and a half years tenure in DYC & organizations, I made friends, family, and connections that gave me lifetime memories to cherish, and the best one being the YouthVibe 2020: LPU’s Open Global Fest. I explored my potential to the fullest under the guidance of extremely talented mentors, like Kuldip Vashisht Sir, Triloki Sir, Gaurav Sir, Arun Sir, and others who supported and guided me throughout.

I proudly admit that my journey from a student coordinator to an Organizer in YouthVibe 2020 has been phenomenal. During this phase, I also joined a part-time job at the Division of Alumni Relations and even initiated my writing career at Happenings@LPU. 

Currently, along with being an active writer in the Happenings@LPU, I head the Student Alumni Relationship Cell under the aegis of DAR, LPU. Besides, I am a Student Placement Coordinator at the Division of Career Services. Although these clubs, organizations, departments have transformed a lot in me, I always try to improve and learn new things via experimentation. 

In academics, I believe, Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the place I guess I worship after God, has always provided me with ample opportunities including international exposure in research and global conferences. The knowledge imparted by the teachers, incorporating hands-on training, has helped me to pave a path towards my dreams.

Lastly, to conclude, I would say LPU has always supported and guided all its students including me, and that’s exactly what a student wishes for.