The novel profession of Pharmacy as a career has recently come into the limelight after the world is suffering from Corona Crisis. And, the pharmacists have been the part of the frontline warriors, and are saving humanity in this pandemic. Being a pharmacy student makes me proud, moreover pursuing it from the Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, LPU, acts as an add-on to its worth.

Lovely Professional University isn’t just bounded to deliver excellence, but it’s bound to produce an army of its best, capable students. And, the Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (LSPS) has been a leading edge in the same. And, this becomes self-justified when we see that, recently, LPU rolled up to Top 100 in NIRF 2020 rankings, and in the respective disciplines, all India ranking, LPU ranked 29 in Pharmacy. Also, the Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences ranked 22 among the top institution in India in the Outreach and Inclusivity parameter.

Courses offered at Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, LPU!

In LPU, any Pharmacy aspirant can pursue both Bachelors & Masters in both the domains, viz., Allopathy, and Ayurveda.

LSPS also offers Ph.D. to the eligible candidates and allows them to choose amongst a wide range of available specialization, viz., Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, etc.

Perks of Pursuing Pharmacy from Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, LPU!

  • PCI Affiliated Campus

The curriculum of the emerging course of Pharmacy, in LPU, is approved and regulated by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

  • Wide Exposure

Lovely Professional University provides the students with exposure to the outside world, and the kind of Unity in Diversity the campus exhibits is unbeatable by any of the other colleges in India. The fact that every person in the University loves is the chance that he/she gets to learn the diverse cultures of India and other parts of the world, and the proud feeling that his University is a perfect example of One World and One India. The Pharmacy department also encourages its students to take part in various events, sports, and cultural activities that help in their holistic development.

  • Ocean of Opportunities

Apart from the exposure that the University offers to its students, the opportunities that one can grab while studying at the campus are commendable. In the Pharmacy Department, Workshops on Drug Regulatory Affairs (DRA), Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Computer-Aided Drug Designing (CADD), validation, and instrumentations, along with the regular Industrial Trips helps develop a research aptitude in students. Also, the students are mentored & trained by industry experts from time to time via guest lectures and seminars.

  • Prime Infrastructure

The University is blessed to have the best infrastructure because we believe, for quality education, the right environment is needed. And LPU has never compromised in this domain. Even in the Pharmacy department, the well-equipped labs, adequate materials for practical exposure, the Animal House, the Botanical Garden enable the students to gain supreme quality of knowledge. Also, the Medical Device Adverse Event Monitoring Centre at LPU would now allow the students to study the drugs and related research aspects in more detail.

  • Leading Placements

At the end of graduation, what a student needs and what a teacher who taught the child with all dedication and hard work needs is the best placement, and LPU has always touched new heights and has amazed everyone with its placement records. Even in the Pharmacy department, the students have made it to brands like GlaxoSmithKline, Abbot, Cipla, Pharmalex India Private Limited, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, VLCC Healthcare Ltd, Nestle India Limited, Alembic Limited, Dr. Lal Path Labs, Alkem Laboratories Ltd., Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Max Super Speciality Hospitals, and many more.

  • Happiness and Counselling Department

Usually, unhappiness and solitude are prevalent amongst college students, affecting their mental wellbeing. Thus, in LPU, every department is facilitated by the Department of Counselling and Happiness, to deal with students having mental stress.

If one starts counting, then there are innumerable reasons to pursue the novel profession of Pharmacy from the Lovely School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, LPU. To conclude, I would say, Pharmacy is trending and emerging career domain, and getting an opportunity to pursue it from LPU would be the icing on the cake.