Hey. I am Mushafiq Sharief, a student at Lovely Professional University, and today I am writing this article from Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently, I am studying at Mykolas Romeris University which is one of the top universities here in Eastern Europe. Today I will share my journey how I got here.

Last year in 2020, I read a notification about Study Abroad on the UMS and I straightaway applied for it as it was always a dream for me to study in Europe. Following which I was called for multiple interviews, competing against other students from my department. After successfully clearing the interviews, I was the only student to be selected for this program from my Department i.e. Multimedia. Then, I had to do the official paperwork, agreements and apply for VISA. After completing all the formalities, here I am studying in Europe that too with a scholarship under which my tuition fee at MRU is waived off. All this was only possible because of LPU and the opportunities it provides.

Studying abroad is so amazing as firstly you get a very high and advanced level of education, secondly, you get to visit more of this beautiful world. Traveling and meeting new people from different countries are always fun and exciting. Now I know you are finding this fascinating and you’re also interested in such a program, so let me share how you can apply for the same.

To know about such opportunities, you can visit the International Affairs Department of our University or you can visit this Study Abroad page where you’ll find various types of programs such as Credit Transfer, Semester Exchange, Summer/Winter School, International Internships, Scholarships, Masters Abroad, etc. You can choose the program that suits you.

Then you have to check your eligibility for the Study Abroad. The basic requirements are CGPA 6.5+, active involvement in co-curricular activities, your academic achievements, and clearing the Interview Rounds, as the seats to these programs are very less in number and the competition is high.

For the interviews, either at LPU or for the Visa, just be confident and ready with answers to all questions, know why you want to study abroad, and what your career goals are.

Last but not least, LPU is a hub of opportunities and it’s ready to give all the support you need in your career. Just be an active student and try to get as many chances you can get for yourself. I feel so proud to be a student of Lovely Professional University and I’m so glad to represent it here in Vilnius, Lithuania! 🙂