“…This has indeed been a memorable learning experience for me….the “Punjabi” hospitality we received here is beyond compare.” – Jennifer Dorozio

Lovely Professional University has 50+ international tie-ups with top universities from across the globe. Every year it hosts international students from its various foreign partner universities and sends its own to other countries to attend Student Exchange Programs. This year too, 30 students from Mount Royal University, one of the best in Canada, arrived at the LPU campus under this program to learn our best practices and experience all things Indian.

To treat them to the best of us and further PM Modi’s endeavours to take Yoga global, the visiting students were instructed in Yoga and advised of its myriad health benefits. And that was only the beginning of their Indian sojourn. With a little bit of this and dash of that, the Exchange students were given an experience to remember.

Since no true international exchange would ever be complete without a dip into culture, the students from Canada were introduced to classical and folk dances like Kathak and Bhangra, and traditional and contemporary Indian music.They were also given the rudiments of Hindi and Punjabi languages, and it was soon common, but nevertheless interesting, to see them address the locals with a “Namastay” or “Sat sri akal”. The Exchange students were also taught Indian games like Kho-Kho, and treated to the popular dishes of various Indian cuisines. They also visited an NGO at Jalandhar to get an insight into how we work towards the resolution of our social problems.

During their stay here, LPU Executive Dean of the Faculty of Technology & Sciences, Dr Lovi Raj Gupta and Director Division of International Affairs, Mr Aman Mittal, also addressed the Canadian students, to deepen their understanding of our country, her relationship with Canada and other countries as well as India’s growth and achievements and her international standing and potential. One of the visiting students, Jennifer Janice Dorozio, said, “We are very happy that our university chose LPU and Punjab for this exchange program. We have learnt much here, about India, Indians and India’s rich culture. This has indeed been a memorable learning experience for me. I will never forget this visit, as the “Punjabi” hospitality we received here is beyond compare.”

A group of LPU students will shortly be going to Birmingham City University (BCU) in England, under the Student Exchange Program, and in January 2017 yet another group will be visiting Mount Royal University. This kind of exchange affords students the opportunity of international exposure and a chance to acquire new skills and knowledge. Such programs broaden students’ horizons with the introduction to foreign cultures, customs, ideas and environments, and help them become truly global citizens.