We go up and we go down the ranges of life, we all come face to face with different conditions. Being human involves experiencing joy for a minute then break down in the next one but it’s okay.


Are you sure it’s okay?

Can you hear yourself right now?

Yes! it’s okay because we have each other. It’s almost impossible for one to feel the pain you feel or put him/herself in your shoes but seeking for help surely gives relief. When it comes to dealing with the hard times of life, joining hands with someone makes the load less heavy. Finding help might not give you the direct solution but it might help you discover the answer in yourself. There is no weakness in looking for help, in fact, there is strength in it because you get a different understanding. A good cup of coffee does not only contain coffee beans, it’s a mixture of the beans, water and perhaps cream and sugar. In the same way, to build a strong you, different perspectives should be put in and that’s how it works, like a cup of coffee, easy right? Well not always.

Sometimes the water might have an undesirable temperature but then what should we do? Stop drinking coffee because there is a risk? I don’t think so. Organise the right team. Take some time to look around you and find those you can trust, analyse them and find how they can be helpful to you and you to them. That’s what all relationships are about, being there for each other. Peers, role models, parents or any family member can be part of your team, share your problems and listen to theirs. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.

Without making this too long let me finish but saying you’re not the only person who has ever experienced the issue you’re fighting with therefore eliminate the “why me questions”. It’s fine not to be fine, therefore there is no shame in finding help because no man is an island. (By the way, I suggest you listen to no man is an island by The Script, enjoy!)