The mega-festival of One World 2023 at LPU celebrates unity and diversity within the country as well as among nations. As it is known that this time One World was fused with One India showing cultures all over the globe and within our country too. In the previous posts, I covered the African countries represented by the different schools of our university. In this one, we’ll have a look at the Asian countries exhibited this time.

Sri Lanka

Now called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, it is a country located in South Asia and a neighbor of India has been portrayed by the School of Agriculture. They welcomed us with the Gini Raksha Mask that is said to protect you from evil spirits which mindfully attracted me. The inside of the tent looked aesthetic with the best decorations!

They showed “The Temple of The Tooth” that is a Buddhist temple in the Kandy region of Sri Lanka and the “Nine Arches Bridge” also known as the “Bridge of the Sky” which is a railway established between two mountains. You could also find minute detailing of the culture and heritage of the country depicted appreciably.


Known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, it is located in South Asia and is a neighbor of India. It is completely dedicated to Buddhism and filled with monasteries and Buddhist temples and the same was depicted by the School of Architecture. It was the most creative one till now and the only one with not one, but two tiers connected through stairs. It was very hard to get in as there was a huge rush and a long queue to climb up the stairs.

They created a structural marvel that was both unique as well as innovative. Inside, they depicted everything related to Buddhism including idols of Lord Buddha, Bhutan Dragon, and Yak, and regarding the history of the country, making it perfect and worthy enough!


A country between China and Russia residing in East Asia is home to nomadic culture and has been represented by the School of Agriculture. The exterior included the name of Chinggis Khan, who was the founder of the Mongol Empire also known as Genghis Khan and played a major role in developing the history of the country.

They kept a guide to Mongolia showing the demographics of the nation including the country’s population as well as the common animals found there. The rest included depictions of the various traditions and customs of the nation.

That’s it with my series of countries’ representations, I’ll be back with the conclusion of the three-day-long event. I hope you enjoyed it!