Read the first article of this series? Great! It is a continuation of the same where we are going to explore more African countries represented in the One World 2023 and AIU’s second International Youth Festival. It needs no introduction so I’m directly coming to the point and starting with our next country i.e. Rwanda.


The first country in the discussion here is Rwanda, a part of East Africa and officially known as the Republic of Rwanda has been demonstrated by the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and so far has been my favorite! They installed a vehicle as the entrance and named it as “jungle tour” and an amazingly designed cottage.

The interior had been decorated with lights with an animal made from computer parts which took away all the light. I adored it the most!


The country in East Africa is the next in our series. The 13th largest country in Africa is known for its stunning geographical locations. It had been portrayed by the School of Design and Multimedia with a “Come Explore Tanzania” board (let’s go in then!).

We could see a wonderful representation of the wilderness of the country in the form of a model with mountains, trees, rivers, and a variety of animals which all in one looks perfect! Some paintings were also seen hanging around, giving us a good view!


Mali, a country in West Africa officially called the Republic of Mali is the 8th largest country in Africa and has been depicted by the School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences.

They had shown the time zone of Mali in a clock-like structure and attached artifacts and paintings in support of it. A cottage residing inside showed the way most of the population lives there. Overall, a great attempt!


Liberia is a country in West Africa called the Republic of Liberia is one of the oldest republics of the continent possessing rich culture and history. It was represented by the School of Design showing Liberian women as a rendition of the country, including handlooms and monuments to depict their rich heritage.

They even made a boat inside along with a painting of people eating together, giving us an unmatchable vibe!

That’s it from my side, the next post will include the Asian countries that I covered. Stay tuned!