Online Summer Training Course on Application Development in JAVA was organized by Human Resource Development Center and School of Computer Science and Engineering, LPU for IT professionals as per schedule specified above. The program aimed at updating the skills of participants in creating desktop applications using Java.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean, HRDC, LPU welcomed the participants. In her address she emphasized on the importance of the course with respect to its demand in the industry. She also mentioned about the significance of post training evaluation and action learning projects in honing the skills and getting a competitive edge in the industry.

The program was conducted in in an experiential Learning mode. Mr. Arvind Kumar, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering was invited as a Subject Matter Expert. The deliberations focused on enhancing the skills of participants in using Swing Components for designing interactive GUI application using Java Swing API, event handling, perform CRUD operations using JDBC and creating user-friendly desktop application for solving real-world problems. As an action learning project the participants created applications like University Management System, Store Management/ Billing System, Car Game/Flappy Bird Game, Chess Game, Chatting Applications, Banking System etc.

Mr. Pushpendra Kumar Pateriya, Assistant Professor and HOD, System Programming, School of Computer Science and Engineering and Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor and COD, corporate training, HRDC were the program coordinators.