Dreams are appealing and delightful. As referred by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “Dream is not that you see in sleep, a dream is something that does not let you sleep.”

As we grow older, the one dream that always remains stuck in our head is that of settling with a promising career. However, fulfilling dreams requires hard work, determination, and sometimes, sacrifices. When the time comes to finally start college after completing high school, especially when it is in a different city, it brings with it a thousand different feelings.

One one side, you are really happy about starting a new and completely different phase of your life, while on the other, you realize how hard it will be to start this phase while being away from family. However, although these feelings are inevitable, a few things should always be remembered.


  • Your people love you, no matter how many kilometers separate you from them. Yes, you will be far away, but that should not lessen the love you share. Be it family or friends, don’t forget to spare some time for making a conversation every day.


  • At times, your thoughts may put you into a puddle of confusion and even regrets. It may occur to you, that your studies are not as important as the presence of your beloved ones. But, that’s not true. This is just a phase, which is not meant to define anything but itself.


  • Now that you have moved away, your family and friends must expect something from you. moving for college does not just mean moving away, but it also means making your decision worthy and fruitful. Never miss out on opportunities, and always strive to give your best in everything.

Staying Focused

  • There will be multiple distractions. How you keep yourself focused is actually the real game. In order to do that, you can constantly remind yourself about what you had in mind while you were all set to step out of the home.

It is undoubtedly true that a distant college-life will make you independent and mature. It will help you realize the value of your possessions, your family and friends. Sometimes, this part of your life can also be your eye-opener, it can change your perceptions, and make you a different human being. Thus, accepting everything that comes your way, taking your challenges positively, and embracing your opportunities will take you a long way.

Live it to the fullest!