In this era of increasing dependency on computers, Cyber Security is not merely a need, it is a part of life.

Anshul Pandey, a Lovely Professional University B.Tech student, who is also the CEO and co-founder of ‘Euinac‘, has taken a great initiative in this direction. He has started a Cyber Security Awareness Program via Radio and Media, covering Radio Mirchi, All India Radio and many other media channels to spread the importance of Cyber Security.

Due to the rapidly changing environment and a long list of vulnerabilities, security awareness training also cannot involve a one-shot approach or a “set it and forget it” program. Rather, in order to ensure the network security of any organization, cyber security training must be repetitive, updated and constantly tested.

Security Awareness Training starts with the organization’s acknowledgment that its employees are the weakest cybersecurity link. Conversely, they’re also the first line of defense against cyber attacks. Security Awareness Training provides every employee with a fundamental understanding that there are imminent and ongoing cyber threats, preparing enterprise employees for common cyber attacks and threats.