It’s rightly said, “Every other day brings a new opportunity with itself”. And when we are talking about LPU, it never fails to amaze us the way it holds out to every opportunity on its way or sometimes even creates some. Senior Space Scientist and Ex-programme Director of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Prof TGK Murthy was here to share his kind motivating words and make the university familiar with the space we are living in.

Prof Murthy is a humble, passionate and dedicated kind of personality. Following the path of Swami Vivekananda, he started his speech quoting “Man is made by his belief; as he believes so he is.” A true believer of his work and deeds, the professor is quite a fascinating and beautiful human to listen too.

Aspirations are everywhere, but only a few of them are truly inspiring. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, the father of the Indian space program, was the one that inspired Prof TGK Murthy throughout his life. Talking about his hero, he addressed the story of Sarabhai as how even after studying in a world-class Oxford, he returned to his home country because of a desire which he had been holding on for so long. Many problems kept on coming as different obstacles but the desire of doing something for the country made ISRO possible.

At The Auditorium With Prof TGK Murthy

The professor took everyone present in the auditorium to a space tour with ISRO through the presentation that he made. Every slide that was rolling on had some amazing stories to look upon to.

Have a peek inside yourself and have the vision through your intuitive imagination”, TKG had always been confident about himself and his work. With the beliefs of his chairman and working along with Sarabhai he had just one dream always, “Indian space research will do what others are doing and in a much better way”. Young Murthy Sir loved criticism; the positive attitude towards everything helped him to create wonders with criticism.

ISRO Stories

Talking about ISRO’s achievement, he told the story of how one of the world’s biggest space organization was developed. Nothing was available and big was the desire to work upon. Starting the work without any clear vision in a church gifted by a priest than to launch the first satellite from the ShrihariKota, ISRO did wonders in the past to giving rise to Make In India since then. He has visions of creating difference and with an Indian business mind, India has sent around 122 satellites with an accuracy success rate of 99.5% thereby saving around INR 7,000 crores. The pizza home delivery or cooking something after surfing on youtube, everything is because of the satellites that have been launched.

Also while remembering his hero, he told why a girl became so famous even if the mission failed at the last moment. Kalpana Chawla knew what the consequences would be before she agreed to go and that commitment itself is an example of a desire to do something for the upcoming generation. Learning is from everything; Murthy during the launch of Chandrayaan took help from the farmers to know about the weather forecast.

If the initiative wouldn’t have been taken then the nation wouldn’t have saved crores of buying the same projects that we are creating more efficiently. India is also the only 3rd country to reach Mars and the only nation to find water in the moon at its first attempt.

ISROs Upcoming Project

After launching PSLV, GSLV, Chandrayaan, and mission to mars, the next project is to shoot the sun. Named as ADITYA L1, it’s about to learn about the sun to get control over the deflecting reducing magnetic field.

What’s In Here For Students

  • Failures cause frustration but life is all about what fascinates you.
  • Face opposition and have your vision.
  • Listen to your intuitive imagination, they are real.
  • Time changes, so as days pass by things will sort out and your vision will survive.
  • Sleepless nights will bring stress, but nothing is more important than your health.
  • Everyone’s presence is important, there is something to learn from all.
  • Turn your passion into your vision and have a desire of creating jobs for others of similar interest.

Passion is excellence, you can do wonders by being yourself.