There are several programming languages in the market. The coding arenas are expanding each and every day with the arrival of new languages every other weekend. This creates a lot of confusion among learners, which language to prefer to learn and go with! So here is the gathering of all the evergreen languages leading the globe. You can land up in a pretty cool gig, just by mastering half of the languages mentioned below.

  • C/C++

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

Maximum server-side softwares are written in C/C++. Using C++ helps in maximizing the performance of the system running in coordination with thousands of servers. These languages rule the market. They’re like the evergreen languages of the E-world. One should start code with these languages. They are the evergreen kings. Google runs most of the server-side softwares using C/C++. A must learn duo.

  • Java

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

Java is used majorly for higher-level server-based code i.e. user-facing UI (User Interface). Java is the foundation of Android apps. And you know how well Android apps feed. Google owns Android. Mastering Java will make you a proficient resource. GMail, Maps, Google+ etc. are in Java. Android apps? Java.

  • Python

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

Python is the prime language of inner structural based tools. It is very flexible, makes it easy to create data files which are simply the Python codes. Google’s entire build system is written in Python. Mondrian too. Python is popular for writing web-servers. Python is the paramount tool for data analysis. Learning Python opens up a new world of possibilities.

  • Javascript

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

JavaScript is the world’s most popular, simple to learn programming language and that it’s used everywhere, not only for web-development and stuff but for server side, desktop, mobile development, and IoT (Internet of Things) as well. Since everything is going to the web. Users now get nearly everything on the website. This is possible by just using Javascript and its frameworks working under the hood. This will never go out of craze.

  • PHP

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

Even though Javascript is replacing PHP different levels as it is now used for front-end interaction in the browsers.

PHP is still the most popular language of all scripting languages (i.e. non-compiled). And it’s not going to fade away in the coming future.

  • C#

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

C# is a strong and flexible programming language. It is used to create a wide variety of applications. C# has already been used for several projects as diverse as dynamic Web sites, dev-tools, consoles, and even compilers. C# is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language.

  • SQL

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a special-purpose programming language that’s used to interact with various databases. It works by analyzing and understanding the ins and outs of databases consisting of fields designated to data within tables.

  • Objective-C

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

Apple’s iOS uses Objective-C uses extensively. It’s been the basis of iOS development for the past 10 years. A must learn for MacOS and iPhone enthusiasts.

  • Ruby

Programming Languages to Learn for your Dream Job

It is used in a wide variant field, famous as a language for Web Apps, because of the Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby’s general-purpose nature makes it perfect for a wide array of programming related tasks, just like Python and other similar purpose languages.

Every month programming languages come and go out of craze. Different websites claim a different list to learn as per the trend. Well, if you know the above languages then you can learn and adapt to any new language in a day or two. Programming is fun. Have fun. Happy Learning.

And remember, never stop asking questions!