Short-Term Course on Advanced Web Development on Node Js was organized by Human Resource Development Center and School of Computer Science and EngineeringThe program aimed at updating the skills of participants in using JavaScript skills beyond web browsers to create powerful server-side applications. The participants handled multiple requests seamlessly and built apps that could handle heavy traffic. Mr. Joyner Jebastin, Senior web app developer at Mavin Apps and Technologies Private Limited, Chennai, and Dr. Karthick Panneerselvam, Assistant Professor were invited as Subject Matter Experts for the course.

During the course, the participants updated the fundamental concepts of server-side JavaScript, including asynchronous programming and event-driven architecture, downloaded and configured Node.js on their machines, laid the foundation for further learning, and created RESTful APIs, and single-page applications.

The enhancement in knowledge of participants was assessed through a post-training evaluation based on multiple choice questions on the content delivered. The updation in skills was evaluated by an action learning project in which the participants created a MySQL database schema with a table and used Express.js to create a simple web application for managing tasks. MySQL queries were used to interact with the database. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations were implemented for tasks and a proper error message was used with the proper status code