Lovely Professional University invited Ms. Milan Sharma, Project Manager, Goethe-Institut (Govt. of Germany). She enlightened students on ‘Future with the German language’ and how students can take benefits of Scholarship Programs in Germany.

Project Manager from Goethe-Institut, Germany enlightened Students on Future of German Language

Goethe Institute, Germany is recognized globally for providing courses in German language. With the vision to promote internationalization, LPU has made commendable efforts in fostering tie-ups and collaborations with international universities and organizations.

It is noteworthy that being multi-lingual gives one an edge and helps one perform and represent one’s skills better on an international scale and opens doors to new avenues. Illustrative, LPU also offers foreign language certificate courses in Japanese, French, German and, Spanish. Knowledge of foreign language can be beneficial to those in the field of hospitality, media, tourism, teaching, etc.