College life is the best phase in every individual’s life, holding imperishable memories, experiences, and learning. Usually, college becomes a second home for people, with late-night hangouts, enjoying today like the future doesn’t exist, and living life to the fullest. But for some, the college gates are the terminals to halcyon days. Above all this camouflage, the same walls of the university nurture the coal until it converts into Diamond to have its success stories written on it. And Lovely Professional University having the most dynamic campus I have ever seen or heard about has always worked for the betterment of students. It isn’t just bounded to deliver excellence, but it’s bound to produce an army of its best, capable students. 

Rajinder Pal Saini is a true story of “rags to riches.” He was a small-town boy with the baggage of responsibilities and dreams to capture the sky as he entered the doors of Lovely Professional University. And it’s a pretty well-known fact that life for such students is not a bed of roses but a roller coaster ride. And the transition of lifestyle becomes the biggest challenge. Like any other student, Rajinder wanted to live his days to the fullest and also wanted to focus on his ambition, career, and acquiring the acclaimed skill sets. Rajinder Pal Saini pursued his MBA degree from LPU, specialized in Sales and Marketing, in 2009-11. 

From a tender age, Saini was innovative, intelligent, focused, and considering his diligence, Lovely Professional University offered him a golden opportunity to experience international exposure, including his visit to the University of North Carolina and MDIS College Singapore. The opportunity was part of LPU’s International Student Exchange Program, and Saini was one of the selected students that year. These international exposures added a feather to his cap and provided him a clear, fruitful futuristic vision that brought him so far.

Presently, Rajinder is working as an Area Sales In-charge of one of the reputed, world’s largest Food, Snacks, and Beverage Corporation, PepsiCo India Holding Pvt Ltd (Frito Lays Division). And his constant hard work, determination, brilliant performance, and positive and problem-solving approach in the past year (2020) paid off. Rajinder Pal Saini was honored as the “Best Area Sales In-charge for North.” Thus, there is no denial of the fact that “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”