Waking up every morning to the alarm bell, grabbing breakfast, and rushing to the classes. And after that back to the dorm and grinding through to the assignments and homework. A daily commute for every student. Assignments and homework become messy sometimes due to this ever-running dynamic lifestyle. So here I’ve listed some concrete ways to tackle the issue and always be on top of it.

  • Attend Classes Regularly
Tips for staying on top of homework

Absolutely. Attending all the classes is very important to keep up with the homework. Skipping classes invites a lot of discontent and a lack of confidence in the students. So first and foremost, attend classes. Not only does your attendance stay in the safe zone, but also the sense of “I did not miss anything” makes you feel confident about the next class. And if you do miss some classes in case of emergency, then have a friend to help you cope with the class happenings.  Presence = MUST.

  • Make a Routine
Tips for staying on top of homework

Align your routine and according to the class timings and stay up with the running course. Make a priority list of topics and complete them from top to bottom. Remember, time-consuming tasks at the top and easy and quick tasks at the bottom side of the list. Now one by one push strikes them down. That’s how you roll!

  • Reduce Distraction
Tips for staying on top of homework

Minimize the good, distracting things from the finest hours. The time you decided to give for the homework and class assignments. Keep your room neat and clean, it helps with concentration significantly. Switch off that TV, put that phone on mute, and plug in some good music if that helps you focus. And if you work the best in peace, then make sure the phone is away, and doors and windows are well insulated with no sound coming in from outside. No knocks, no disturbances, let your friends know about your ‘DND Hours’. Morning hours 4 AM to 6 AM is the best period to learn and excel. Brain attains the pace of The Flash.

  • Set Reminders
Tips for staying on top of homework

Take in good use of reminders. Since most of us use phones and tablets, so the best way to save those reminders is your smartphone. Just save them and set the time of the reminder, no more missing the important things. Also, have a friend who can be of help when it comes to course commits. Set calendar events for important examination dates and submissions.

  • Use Mobile Apps
Tips for staying on top of homework

These apps can be used to keep good track of homework:

  1. Google Assitant for reminders various important and handy use cases. 
  2. Google Keep for saving notes and checklist as well for freehand canvas notes. for
  3. Google Calendar for marking important events and dates.
  4. Google Classroom for the teacher to student collaboration. 
  5. Fabulous for habits tracking and stability of mind.
  6. Do It Now for the most strict schedule keeping. This or nothing!
  • Study in the morning!
Tips for staying on top of homework

Thousands of studies have confirmed that studying in the morning is the most golden thing for the mind and the soul, not only do you feel accomplished by waking up early but also your mind and body are aligned in regular cycles of flow, which helps in grabbing any task and get the most out of it. So wake up early because you’re running late!

All the best!