Imagine a life where there is no early morning traffic. No messily packed lunches. No formal dress code. Actually, no dress code at all. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? If so, working at home might just be the cheese to your burger. The salmon to your sushi. The Jerry to your Tom. (Another perk of work from home jobs? You can keep all your lays packets and diet coke in your fridge without worrying Ben from the next cubicle will chug them down). Anyway, before you dream too further, let’s analyze the pros and cons of a home-based job.


The value of freedom crossing over the structure

Does the idea of driving to the same foul pillared office day after day send you into a Breaking Bad level funk? If so, you’d definitely enjoy the freedom that comes with work from home job. You can just take your laptop to a coffee shop and work in your own space without the fidgety of a desk job. It can be the most suitable gig for people who love traveling.

“I am a feature writer for a global sports website and it’s almost been a year writing for them. I am a Journalism student and I started with them as an intern. Now, I write for them along with my studies and it’s super fun as I get to just wake up, grab a coffee and have breakfast while watching cricket and typing on my laptop”, says Kunal Kataria, a Journalism second-year student at LPU.  

The struggle to fit work between classes

Don’t want the responsibility to be employed and ruin your education? Remote jobs can come very convenient as you get to choose the hours and the pay is pretty well. Getting to places at specific times can cut you from your hobbies, passion, and education which in turns makes people socially inactive.


Self-motivation is not everyone’s cup of tea

Working with yourself at such jobs can be a challenge if you don’t possess the ability to talk with yourself to get over obstacles and mental blocks. An intrinsic go-getter stands a greater chance of succeeding in remote jobs than others as they are proactive. Unfortunately, many of us require time and practice to find motivation for work.

To appreciate working alone

The downside is that when you’re working you cannot have people around you as you need to focus. This can also lead to spending Friday nights alone watching families and friends enjoying their social time. It can get a tad bit depressive, to be honest. If you are a collaborative work environment kind of person, trust me, you’ll feel sadder than Lana Del Rey’s songs.

At last, with the growing circle of the internet and web-based livelihood, one can enjoy a comfortable life while working on their dreams. It’s a glorious opportunity for many and was yearned by many generations. A person’s knowledge or qualification doesn’t degrade in such jobs, a myth repeated very often and nor does only typing skills qualify for a job like this. Millions of people make their money online and become successful along with managing their own life goals and hobbies. It’s a great network that’s only going to get better.