May 24 to June 12, 2021

The Refresher Course on Research Methodology and Data Analysis with 82 participants from 33 institutions based in 10 States Pan India culminated after three weeks of inputs on diverse range of topics. Dr. Sanjay Modi, Course Director and Executive Dean, Lovely Faculty of Business and Arts congratulated the participants on achieving this milestone and exhorted them to conduct, meaningful research that contributes towards the community, environment and problem solving. He advised the participants to widen the bandwidth of their thought horizon along with the depth that is essential. He remarked that the need of the moment was interdisciplinary and cross domain research and that the only way to achieve it is through collaborative initiatives. He lauded the hosting of the event and the round the clock service by the Organizing Committee, conduct by the subject matter experts and the receptiveness of the participants.

Refresher Course report was presented by Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Associate Dean and Coordinator, Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Deputy Dean, LPU-HRDC. The presentation began by sharing the ‘THINK BIG’ vision of  Lovely Professional University patrons,  Sh. Ashok Mittal, The Chancellor, Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, Pro-Chancellor and the Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, the Vice-Chancellor. LPU envisions to promote research that addresses societal challenges and this course was crafted to empower the researchers and build capacity for such research. It was followed by highlighting the course flow, Assessment and Evaluation process followed and the Key Takeaways from the Refresher Course. The course curriculum was designed as per the UGC Guidelines-2019 and framework of 18-day, 72 hours was adhered. The course outcomes was summarized as Capacity Building on Research Methodology, Systematic Literature Review, Scale Development and Standardization, Qualitative Research Design and Analysis, Statistical Analysis Techniques, Data Visualization with Tableau, High Impact Publication, Ethics in Research and Academic Integrity.

Prof. Dr. Rajesh Verma, Course Convener and Head, Mittal School of Business enlightened the participants on Case Study Methodology and inspired them to pursue curiosity driven research. In his own inimitable style he demonstrated the conduct of industry relevant research, essential for enabling Indian Higher Education Institutions to make a mark in the global research community.

After an overview on Research Methodology, Basic and Applied Research was taken up by Dr. Pawan Kumar, Associate Professor, Mittal School of Business. His discussion leading technique and eliciting questions kept the learning a two way process and engaged the participants in a purposeful dialogue. He also shared his expert views on Simple and Multiple Regression and Multidimensional Scaling.

Dr. Lokesh Jasrai began with Research Process Design and Types and had more interactions with the participants, covering Introduction to Quantitative Research, Multiple Regression Analysis and Non-Parametric Tests. He made the delivery interactive, inclusive and individual centered. Patiently handling queries of the inquisitive participants, he ensured that the participants were actively engaged.

Dr. Pretty Bhalla, Associate Professor, Mittal School of Business gave an insight to qualitative analysis and other sessions. Creatively usage of well-chosen video clips and case lets giving her sessions an effect of edutainment-education and entertainment.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Course Convener and Head of Human Resource Development Center delivered her sessions with a judicious blend of inputs, activities and Poll Questions. She also took up individual use cases of the participants. Playing a true role of a guide by the side, she mentored and guided by handing over the steering wheel to the learners but all the time keeping it in control and navigating it focused, straight and learner centered. A master piece with a living example of ‘Hands On’!

Dr. Rupinder Katoj’ssessions gave a complete new dimension of thought process while working on research ideas and widened the mental horizon of the participants.

Dr. Rahul Sharma opened the gateway to a new world of Qualitative Analysis. NVIVO became the buzzword of the day. Step by step the subject matter expert, Dr. Rahul Sharma opened the magical world of this popular qualitative analysis software. He was a frequent subject matter expert covering the Quantitative aspect also. All of his sessions saw hand holding and hands on experiential learning in the real sense, as the resource person guided and directed the participants to be familiar with the practical aspect and gave the participants a true feel of the outputs.

Dr. Tanima Dutta was instrumental in delivering sessions on Logistic Regression Analysis and Cluster Analysis furthering the capacity building process.

The sessions by Dr. Tushinder Preet Kaur, Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur and Dr. Preeti Mehra were equally well received and appreciated as the same level of engagement and excitement was sustained throughout.

The journey of experiential learning continued throughout the eventful eighteen days, making it enlightening, experiential and practically assimilating. Course Assessment was done with a three tier approach. Week I saw an MCQ Quiz rolled out based Basic and Applied Research,  Research Process Design & Types, Scales of Measurement, Levels of Data measurement and Criteria for Good Measurement, Measurement Scales, Questionnaire Design, Systematic Literature Review, Biblometric Analysis, and Research Ethics.

Week II-Assignment II-The Mini Research Project was also rolled out that spread a wave of excitement amongst the participants. This was a big leap ahead. The participants were given a task sheet to do Problem Identification, decide on Research Methodology, Collect Data, Analyze and Reflect on the results. The climax was the individual presentations by the participants in the specially created Breakout Rooms where the designated resource panel gave invaluable inputs to individual participants.

Week III Quiz based on Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis, Data Visualization, Plagiarism Check and High Impact Publication

The outcome was a gamut of pertinent knowledge, skills and information covering the Research Journey right from the first step, delivered in a mode of Exploration, Experience and Experiment.

The Course Convener appreciated the Organizing Team led by Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Course Coordinator, HRDC, Dr. Rahul Sharma and Dr. Mridula Mishra, Course Coordintors-Mittal School of Business for thoughtfully designing the course flow, expanding its reach PAN India and attending to participants queries round the clock. She acknowledged the active role of Team HRDC, particularly Mr Puneet Soni, Ms Sharanjit Kaur, Ms. Seema Sharma, Ms Sushma Sharma, Ms Jagdeep Kaur and Ms. Neha Sharma. She applauded the resource panel who delivered it in an experiential, learner driven and instructor mentored mode. She acknowledged the proactive participation of the participants who inspite of the diversity in terms of demographic representation, academic profile and organizational background formed a very pro-learning and vibrant group. Finally the curtain came down on the 18-day extravaganza of intellectual pursuit focusing Research Methodologies and Data Analysis. A land mark event hosted with meticulous planning, executed with precision finesse, full of Researching insights, techniques and skills. Hailed by one and all as the most wonderful experience ever. The course ended on a high note with Course Coordinator, Mr. Sarabjit S Kwatra reminding the participants of the access to the resource repository and thanking the resource panel, Course Mentors and the participants who appreciated the efforts of the Organizing Committee. A JOB WELL DONE!

reiterated the fact that now that they are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills


VV Ravi Kumar, practicing Architect-Hyderabad: “Great work! I had attended physical class in 2019! And this one is e class great work”

“Heartly congratulations of all  Team  of HRDC LPU. Who lead their role for to complete successfully  RF.Course.”-Sharadchandra

“It’s an excellent learning experience. All the resource persons were meticulous and shared their best with us.  Great learning. 

#well shaped and planned course

#excellent delivered

Kudos to whole team of HRDC LPU.”-Pankaj Chaudhary

“Amazing team and well orchestrated program with innovative approach.

Glad to be part of this program. Thanks to all team from LPU.”-Regards,

Syed Ahmed
Founder President
SAARCH consultants

“Sir, words are not enough to appreciate you. हम तो आपके फैन हो गए हैं!”- Virendrakumar M. Thakkar, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, G.B. Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand &

RTI Resource Person, Uttarakhand Information Commission, Dehradun.

“Namaste to all. I express my sincere thanks to Dr Sunaina Ahujaji,  Head, HRDC, Kwatraji, Dy. Dean,  Seemaji, Puneetji, other members of the HRDC team, all the eminent faculty members of MSB who have rendered their services as resource persons , and all my distinguished fellow participants in the group who have shared their wisdom and research  insights aplenty, and contributed to the success of this course. We are indebted to Dr Sanjay Modiji, and Dr Rajesh Vermaji for envisaging and guiding this journey of experiential learning.  May God bless you all. Jai Hind.”-Bala Chilukuri-Bangalore

“Thanks a lot LPU HRDC for organizing such a brilliant  workshop. It was really very educative and box of knowledge. The Practical are really innovative and implementation of these methods will really let me up with excellent outputs in near future.

The inputs that had been given by organizer and professors is marvelous .Thanks a lot again.????”- DIPSHIKHA BARUAH- Guwahati-Asssam