Real estate prices are already soaring in many parts of India, despite the initial predictions of a coronavirus-driven crash. This leads to a growing disparity betwixt the “musts” and “nots” in affordable homes. Consequently, we’re witnessing an increase in housing volatility, rental distress, and eviction as a result.

Tiny houses show the promise to be the stimulus to infill development and the eradication of homelessness, either as tiny-house settlements or by allowing entrepreneurs and the government to build well-designed tiny dwellings on suburban lots. But the expertise required to construct a functioning tiny-house is rare. Despite all of it, one of the Vertos from Lovely Professional University is on a mission to provide affordable shelters for the needy.

LPU Alumna designs micro-houses OPods for the needy

Perala Manasa, a former pupil of B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Lovely Professional University, is on a mission to make the tiny house dream a reality. She designed the OPod, a complete 1 BHK well equipped with basic amenities like water, sanitation, and electricity, all wrapped into 2000mm diameter (40 and 120 sq feet of area) sewerage pipes! She founded her startup Samnavi Constructions along with Donthireddy Naveen Reddy, who is currently pursuing MBA from LPU.

LPU Alumna designs micro-houses OPods for the needy

These OPods seem to be the trend in sustainable and affordable living lately. OPods, aside from being economically viable costing 3.5-5 lakhs to construct, have a plethora of sustainable benefits which simply a typical home can never have. Tiny house living is not taboo, it’s the new norm in many western countries, and even millionaires prefer to stay in tiny-house settlements. Tiny-house dwellers spend more time outdoors or with their buddies and acquaintances, making them happier than their workaholic peers.

LPU Alumna designs micro-houses OPods for the needy

Perala Manasa cordially thanks the Department of Research & Development and the Entrepreneurship Cell of Lovely Professional University, who considerably assisted her with the project’s creative and business elements.

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