Playing pivotal role in upgrading the knowledge skill set of faculty and staff members, Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) at Lovely Professional University (LPU) keeps on organising various development programmes for the improvement of the existing resources as well as for helping the global society at large. In light of this, HRDC has organised a week-long course on ‘Research Methodology’ where more than 50 researchers from Punjab participated. The programme was conducted by professional experts and academicians at LPU who helped the participants in bringing forth their research papers and research work for the greater good of the society. The programme was interactive in nature and was devised to impart methodological skills to the participants’ qualitative and quantitative research process.

During this course, Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Arts at LPU, Dr Sanjay Modi guided participants to enhance the quality of research and publication; Professor from IMT Ghaziabad Dr Bikramjit Rishi  focussed on skill development for research design, scale development and data analysis techniques;  Professor from University of Jammu Dr Gurjeet Kaur guided on standardization of ‘Scale and Structural Equation Modelling’; Professor from Mittal School of Business at LPU Dr Dheeraj Nim highlighted on data analysis techniques with practice for statistical software packages; and, Head HRDC at LPU Dr Sunaina Ahuja motivated participants to keep on raising the bar professionally.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal holds: “Various research oriented endeavours, including present short term course, are essential for the academic growth of educators to further see them as proactive and responsible researchers. I think that it is very important to develop full-fledged orientation programmes for old and newly recruited teachers alike, in all educational institutions. We at LPU always welcome such initiatives which facilitate educators enhance their research portfolios.”

One of such endeavours of HRDC was a ‘National Case Writing Workshop’ where experts focused on case-based teaching, writing methodology, and effectively using the data provided to structure a case. The system of higher education is rapidly expanding and transforming; where there is a greater focus on the quality of education, and such programmes enhance the skills of the participating members.