We amply dislike fake people, fake products, fake friendships and fake Instagram profiles. Then why not hate fake news? Indeed, we are viciously surrounded by gallons of misinformation flooding on the internet. Exaggerated news articles, unreasonable posts and overstated memes, all of them are equally dramatized and hyped. Nevertheless, we are the reason why they successfully run their disreputable businesses. Markedly this is devilish and immoral in such grief times of human crisis. But why is it important for us to know it now? Check that below.

Psychology can un-educate the educated

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Well written misinformations are so captivating and clean that anyone can be tricked. Even the clever can’t escape the hypnotic cage. Science suggests that misinformation is smartly designed to scam anybody. Literally, anybody, because misinformation is a tidy game of psychology we all are vulnerable in it. Believe me, no one wants to be an educated fool. So, let’s learn together to safeguard ourselves from misinformation and fake news.

First, don’t be a source of misinformation

It may abruptly happen without your knowledge that you may become a source of misinformation to your friends. It is likely to happen when you rush through an article without a rigorous glance at it. Further desperately posting about it on social media with dangerously half-knowledge and getting bashed for it afterward. The best suggestion is read, read and read with all consciousness.

Aware elders and young ones

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Elders and the young are new to technology and the Internet. They may apprehend the information as it is. It is safe to say that they are utterly unaware of misinformation and fraud. They could share misleading information without knowing the consequences. For instance, forward this message to at least 50 contacts or else you shall have bad luck for the rest of your life. It’s so frightening that younger and the elders may share it further. That’s when you hop onto the responsibility of protecting them and that’s what a smart citizen does.

Block block block

The second it has come into your notice that certain blog, page or website is misleading preferably report and block. Ask your friends not to follow such unethical pages. Bring it to people’s attention through social media and join hands to impede the evil out of our internet. Never click on the allow button on any website.

Research before share

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They may apprehend the information as it is. One strong way of slashing the misinformation chain is to not share. Hampering its reach can resist the impact on people. How would you know if a piece of information is true or false? By now it’s obvious that everything that you come across on the internet can not be one hundred percent true. Especially when you are willing to share it with your friends don’t hustle, make sure it’s 110 percent. In the meantime researching from credible sources of information and in particular books and newspapers is pretty much essential. Through research comes knowledge and knowledge judges nature hence the triumph of wisdom.