Life is uncertain. We can never predict when hard times will strike. We might be there at our homes but the energy and enthusiasm in the blood of Vertos remain the same at the Mittal School of Business.

Team E-Cell with yet another event under their belt took a step forward and conducted the first Webinar which was part of Entrepedia Project funded by the European Union on the topic Life and Entrepreneurship during COVID-19 through Google Meet. It was a much-needed session for students with Mrs Uma Mansharamani, Co-founder, Tajurba International. She is also Business & Life Coach, TEDx Speaker and motivational speaker too.

Mrs Uma Mansharamani has mentored business owners, professionals and Entrepreneurs under her guidance with respect to Growth Mindset & Personal Life. 45 students had participated in this webinar. Throughout the session, Mam highlighted upon the industries that are still flourishing during COVID-19 at the same time booming as well. She acknowledged the proactive students of Lovely Professional University & the entire team of Team E-Cell about how to overcome fears, how to be persistent & resilient throughout COVID-19.

Mam also focused on the multiple opportunities available in the industry & challenges that COVID-19 has brought. She actually stressed upon the medical field and appreciated the efforts of the medical fraternity. To add upon, the industries that are actually been still prevailing are as follows:

  • Shipping & Delivery companies
  • Online learning companies
  • Pharmacies, Grocery Stores and home delivery meal services
  • Remote communications and meeting services
  • Social Media
  • IT

From the perspective of personal life, she advised everyone contributes and help the needy people. Mam insisted that contribute Rs 1 if you are earning Rs 100. This itself will bring a change. The webinar came to an end with a high voltage plethora of questions and answers session between curious students and Mrs Uma Mansharamani.

Questions like as a middle-class mindset and moreover typical Indian mindset people find it hard to contribute towards society?. Mam Replied that we need to be patient and show some gratitude towards society. With this, she also highlighted the importance of inculcating the habit of gratitude in our lives. She said it will give a new dimension to your personality. Emotional Intelligence is the buzz word now. She said if in case the pandemonium of this stature strikes again, then you can’t make use of all the money you would have collected. She concluded the session with three words that left a huge impact on the audience:

“Universe Rewards Gratitude”