Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the art of portmanteau because brilliant innovators like to set their code to be an effective and elegant way. Python is easy therefore this programming language has stronger abstract in comparison to JAVA, HTML. BSc in CS accumulate knowledge to the world provides with project-based learning, unique academic models and advanced lab for those who want to avail the chance of exploring the world of computer, grid, calculations and software production. This program has potential in the Information technology domain, three years is the minimum timeline for learning and has certification of UGC. People can affordable as the fee structure is starting from INR 15,000. Subjects are common like electronics, mathematics, statistics, Computer programming theory. This course provides wisdom to the students of algorithms to identify and tackle the glitches occurred in the authorization of database knowledge. This program is considered in one of the most job-oriented programs because the genesis of the futuristic technology has already begun and reached the intermediate level in India in the field of computers. BSC in CS is one of the clusters under graduation courses related to the computer, technology, and inventions of applications. This program not only foregrounds the operating system but also teaches programming languages.

Scope of BSC in Computer Science in India

The candidate who is scrutinizing in Bachelor of Science in Computers science has access to government jobs like a bank, it consultant, much more and as well as private jobs. Self-employment companies freelancing is also a good option for start-up in which assignments are given to the originator and after the project got selected candidate gets paid. BSC in SC students are necessitating in the formulation, testing and analyzing the complication, software developing programs, etc with lucrative salary packages. This program is archaic with communication skills perk, computer programming, graph theory software engineering, advanced calculus in different equations, programming in C++ and much more.

Courses of BSC in Computer Science

The aspirant who is seeking forward for fulfilling one’s urge to construct Métier in the division of computer science has juncture to take in the undergraduate program of Bachelor of Science in Computer science. The ambition should be very innovative and the student must have scored at least 50% in 12th from any board in PCM subjects of Science stream. Some of the well-recognized top-ranked Institutes require above 90% score and during the entrance exam, the cut off is also very much high for merit list, for example, Delhi University. A student may pursue his studies further to master program and after that to the Ph.D. program.

Career options for BSC in Computer Science

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, Razor INC, allocates sundry occupations for the finesse with good annual salary packages of INR 40,000 lakhs per annum. The student can select various career options with their alternatives but nowadays demand in the market related to recent subjects is increasing subjects familiar with Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and the job profiles offered to the occupants of these courses are, Machine learning expert, data mining specialist, digital marketing manager, data administrator, web developer , software engineer, networking engineer, etc.   

Top 5 colleges of BSC in Computer Science in India

  1. Delhi University
  2. St Xavier college
  3. Loyola college
  4. VIT University
  5. Lovely Professional University