The person whom you should love the most is YOU!

It is often the case that we ignore ourselves, the one who deserves most of our attention, love and care.  Amongst the hectic schedule of ours and with so many things to do and so many people to love, we forget to give time to that one person who needs the maximum of our time and care. How can we look after anyone else if we cannot take proper care of ourselves?

We spend months looking for someone to love us, care for us and make us feel worthy. But because we don’t love and respect ourselves, we attract relationships that lack of the things we seek, which in turn reinforces our thoughts and feelings of unworthiness. The vicious proverbial cycle. You need to understand that you will never find healthy love, respect or care until you learn to love and respect yourself. Not that you need someone to love, the completely lovable self-residing deep in your heart, is the one you need to find.

self love

Nobody hates themselves; if you think you don’t love yourself, it’s just a belief that you have agreed to. It’s all in your mind. You are condemning and judging yourself. Or maybe you feel unworthy of love because of certain past events and experiences. Either way, it is a disconnection from the truth of what and who you really are.

I learned to overcome these negative aspects of the thinking by speaking! I found someone who counselled and guided me on towards the right path. But that was just the beginning; I’ve done spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation and studied about spiritual philosophy to overcome my belief of being unworthy of love. I found out that you can learn to love yourself irrespective of what happened in the past. You can forgive others and yourself and overcome anything that is keeping you from being happy. You can let go of being the Victim of your own Judgements. I did! And I am just like you! We are all the same; we are mystic beings having a human experience!