Short Term Course on 3D Printing & Design was organized by the Human Resource Development Center and School of Mechanical Engineering, LPU for personnel of academia. The program updated the participants on fundamental concepts of additive manufacturing, introduced cutting-edge technology to them, and provided hands-on experience to optimize designs for various applications and gain proficiency in creating functional 3D printed components. Dr. Vishal Francis, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, LPU was invited as Subject Matter Expert for the course.

The deliberations of the Subject Matter expert focused on the Introduction to 3D printing processes, File Formats and Preprocessing, Orientation and Slicing, Process Parameters Selection, Material Selection and Post-Processing, and Project Development and Implementation. The enhancement in the knowledge of participants was assessed through a post-training evaluation containing Multiple-choice questions based on the content delivered.

The updation in skills was evaluated by an action learning project in which the participants prepared a CAD model of their desired project using ONSHAPE or other CAD software of their choice.