The Short Term Course on Sustainable And Smart Architecture In Post Covid India organized by School of Architecture & Planning and Human Resource Development Center (HRDC), Lovely Professional University catered to the capacity building in sustainable and smart architecture.

The group consisting of a balanced mix of students, scholars and faculty including representation from the industry got off to a flying start. Addressing the participants, Course Convener, Chief Architect and Head of the School of Architecture and Planning & Design, Dr. Ar. Atul Singla gave insights on the objective of this short term course mentioning the in depth thought has gone into designing the format of the course and also shared the School Mission and Objectives. He advised the participants to translate the learning of the course into meaningful projects and papers. He remarked that each designated subject matter expert had proven track record and mastery on the topic. Dr. Dharam Buddhi, Course Director, Executive Dean, Research and Innovation expressed that the combination of academic and industry stalwarts would make this course a great learning experience.

The opening day sessions were taken by a renowned Architect and Visiting Professor, Ar. Anuj Mehta. Patiently he laid the context, spelled the importance of sustainable and smart architecture and showcased the designs made for various clients. His charismatic style made an instant connect with the participants.

The second day saw one of the Architecture world’s renowned Architect known for his innovative designs and projects. He shared his experience and dwelling on how to incorporate the sustainability in the designing and subsequent implementation. He welcomed queries and answered by conceptualizing and also sharing sustainable designs. Discussion leading technique and eliciting questions kept the learning a two way process and engaged the participants in a purposeful dialogue. The second session of the day was taken by Ar Himmat Bhatia Professor & AII coordinator who talked about the Importance of Human Behaviour in the Architecture. The day ended with Coordinator thanking the participants for their active participation. He also thanked the resource panel, redefined the Course Flow, assessment process and resource sharing mode. Day III was focused on Healthy and Healing Buildings to Immunize Life and debriefing of the project assignment. Ar Himmat Bhatia Professor & AII coordinator was the subject matter expert for the day.

The Day IV saw the wisdom flow from a renowned researcher and academician of eminence on Thermal Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality, Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur, Professor and Head of Centre for Energy and Environment, NIT, Jaipur. He shared intensive research data pertaining to the topic and answered queries. The second session of the day was taken by Dr. Ram Kishore Singh with thrust on Free Cooling Systems.

Day V the topics dwelled on Fusion of Urban Qualities and Ecological balance in Architecture and Significance of Passive Techniques to mitigate Covid-19 effect taken again by  Ar Himmat Bhatia Professor & AII coordinator. The sixth day the participants were divided into three groups and evaluated for their presentations, followed by valedictory. Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Course Convener and Head, Human Resource Development Center, congratulated the participants for their active participation and expressed hope that this learning would be applied in the real situations so that positive contribution could be made in the field of sustainability. Dr. Dharam Buddhi, Course Director, Executive Dean, Research and Innovation gave closing remarks by recognizing the efforts of the organizing team for a very well conducted short term course.

The subject matter experts engaged the participants with practical examples, hands on demonstration and poll questions. The session resources were shared on a daily basis on the Google Drive including the session recordings. The assessment and evaluation was conducted through three MCQ Tests and project assignment based on the session learning outcomes.

The participants were unanimous in their appreciation of the course in terms of the content, delivery and organization. The responsiveness of the organizing team was applauded by the participants who expressed that this was one of the best learning experiences. They also expressed desire that such programs should be frequently conducted. The valedictory session had a buzz of vibrancy and enthusiasm!


Ar. Abhishek Tripathi: This session actually engaged us to become learners. Obviously, there were many points which were new to us. Although I use to attend workshops and seminars on different architectural topics. But this session was really valuable for me. Thanks to Professor Nagendra Sir who informed me about this digital course.

Ms. Dakshi Bharti: This session was really informative and helpful, thank you, sir.

Ar. Umesh Mishra: Sir, We the Architects at Pantnagar University Uttarakhand have been highly benefited from this short term course. Thanks a lot to entire LPU Architecture Deptt AND HRDC.