Riva Kishan is an Indian actress who debut in 2020 with ‘Sab Kushal Mangal’ and she is also the daughter of the popular Bhojpuri film actor, Ravi Kishan. Ravi Kishan is currently a Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha. This live session was conducted on 14th September 2021 by the student organization, Variants, under the aegis of LPU.

She expressed the lockdown as the time to reminisce the times with her siblings and parents and tried hands-on new things. During her childhood, whenever someone recognized her as Ravi Kishan’s daughter, they used to quote his dialogue. She loved dancing and drama from her childhood days and eventually with time, she started attending theatre, attending workshops, and then took acting courses so that she could pursue her dream.

Exhilarating session with the brilliant actor, Ms. Riva Kishan

The theatre helped her in building the necessary confidence that pushed her to pursue acting as a career. She did her graduation in acting and filmmaking from The Acting Corps Institute, USA. Soon, she got an offer for the debut movie “Sab Kushal mangal” and it was a huge success. It all started when she read the script and decided that she would act in it as it would make everyone laugh. Like every actor, she was feeling nervous and had doubts but during her first day of the shoot, she aced it and was glad about her performance.

She shared many of her fan moments and also many life incidents. She wants to visit Rishikesh in India and also wants to go to Los Angeles as she loves the lifestyle and fell in love with this place when she was studying acting. If given a chance to change something in our world, she would like to change people’s mindset, adoption of children and she wants to do more for needy people.

She never feared that she had to meet the expectation of other people as her father is an eminent actor as her family always supported her and no two people can be alike. She is highly inspired by her father’s work and he has been a constant motivation for her to strive and do better. Her father taught her to ‘Be real and not to pretend to be like others, you’re unique in your own way’. When her movie was released, she had tough times at home but her father was still very supportive and she was glad that she made her family proud. She is positive about her future and feels like investing in oneself and one’s family is important as it provides peace and keeps you focussed on the right thing.

Whenever she felt low, dance and spending time with family has been like therapy for her and it always manages to cherish her. She asserted that each one of us should remember that no one can give us strength from the outside, we have the strength within ourselves that we need to search for and use it. She inspired vertos by saying that don’t let anyone affect you, just focus on your career. We should be happy and grateful for everything in our life.

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