When it comes to our birthday or new year, we often find ourselves jotting down goals, to-do lists, bucket lists and what not. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big or wanting the best but your journey to achieve them starts from scratch. It starts with those countless little steps. Those almost invisible changes we make in our lifestyle to get to that dream.

Simple Habits That Can Improve Your Life

As a final year college student, I’ve realized one thing that nothing happens overnight. If you want to become a writer, you’ll have to start reading books for which you need to start the habit of picking up books and actually reading them. There will be days when it’ll seem impossible. That is why you need to start small. Start with reading one blog every day, then few pages of a book, then try to finish a chapter and finally get to the ending. If you’re not someone who continually reads, you cannot finish a book in one sitting. It’s not a habitual phenomenon for your body and mind. Similarly, it goes with everything else in your life.

Here are 15 habits, that you’ll find extremely effective and helpful to make you the person you want to be (even if you pick some of them, if not all).

  1. Meditate – It’s well worth your effort and time.
  2. Saying No – A habit to stop your life from getting out of control.
  3. Listen – Just let them talk.
  4. Give credit – If credit’s due, you gotta give it.
  5. Take a photograph every day – A visual autobiography never hurts.
  6. Have a bedtime routine – Unwind.
  7. Learn how to cook – It’ll save you time, health and money.
  8. Wash dishes just after eating – Trust me on this one.
  9. The 5 minutes declutter – Take these few minutes to throw away the trash.
  10. Try self-compassion – Make yourself feel good.
  11. The two-minute rule – If the work takes two minutes, do it now.
  12. Watch documentaries – Thank me later for this.
  13. Make your bed after you wake up – Period.
  14. Eat that junk once a week – Can’t miss out on the momos and spicy chutney.
  15. Watch a movie once a week – Gotta get to know Thanos.
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