We are glad to share that Lovely Professional University has been recognised as Remote Centre of IIT Bombay (Remote Centre Code: 1484)

It will give LPU the facility to undergo Faculty Development Programs and Workshops conducted by the subject matter experts under National Mission on Education through ICT supported by HRD Ministry. Participation in these programs is essential for Empowerment of students/teachers through Synchronous & Asynchronous Instruction. This project envisions empowerment of teachers, through workshops conducted for thousands of teachers at one go, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy.

Now you can avail, infinite learning opportunities, in four different types of MOOCs for various learning needs.

EduMOOCs: This is targeted for learners wishing to enhance their academic knowledge in different fields of study. These MOOCs are mainly IIT Bombay extension courses, and are taught with the same rigor as those running on the campus.

SkillMOOCs: SkillMOOC effectively trains individuals in their on-the-job skills, with a primary focus on professional development. The learners honing such skills are likely to succeed by gaining a competitive edge in their profession.

TeachMOOCs: TeachMOOC is designed for teachers across the country to enhance their teaching skills, by introducing them to various pedagogical methodologies.TeachMOOCs are mostly conducted in a hybrid fashion, where the initial part of learning is conducted online, followed by face-to-face sessions.(Via Remote Centre)

LifeMOOCs: LifeMOOC offers courses of short duration for working professionals and others desiring to pursue life-long learning. Life-long learning is the journey that every learner seeks to undertake. The purpose of LifeMOOCs is to benefit learners in elevating their careers.

These can be pursued through different Mode of Delivery of MOOCs.

Instructor-paced MOOCs  as in NPTEL, SWAYAM (Time Bound)

Hybrid MOOCs via Remote Centre

Self-paced MOOCs-self spaced & paced

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