It’s 2020 already, and the simple fact that: ‘you don’t get a job just by showing degree’ is crystal clear to our youth. Thus, one must keep enriching themselves with various skills. Cause at the end of the day, these skills will only make you coruscate, once you enter this monotonous corporate world. Especially, the undergraduates, who are bestowed with umpteen wee hours to explore their capacities and strengthen them before they get into the business. So, here are some essential skills you should master before you graduate:

  • Communication Skills: these are the most vital sets of tools, one needs to survive in society. Earlier, these skills were not given much heed, but with changing times people have understood the magnitude of communication abilities. And today, soft skills are the hardest slap to illiterate narrow minds. These include your grammar, verbal and non-verbal communication proficiency. These skills give a major impression during interviews. A man with proper command on soft skills had his own charisma.


  • Acumen: the second thing an interviewer seeks in undergraduates, is their critical thinking and judgment making strategies. Irrespective of the field you are in, once you enter the corporate world these skills will be crucial. Every company wants an employee, capable of making quick-witty-correct decisions for the welfare of the firm. Even many national and international level exams have high IQ ‘critical reasoning and assertion’ questions to test the spontaneity of the candidates. You frequently get an aptitude problem in interviews.


  • Leadership: do we really know the essence of leadership? Every now and then we hear this term and our brains reverberate stuff the same direction i.e. ‘being the Alpha male’ of the clan. But it is much more than that. One doesn’t have to be dominant 24/7 in order to lead others. Leadership comes naturally to the person who creates a positive impact on the crew. The one who stands out. Makes Bold Statements. Nothing is more important than creating YOUR space in society. At the undergraduate level, you can enhance your leadership qualities by participating in various debates or handling any events. These will upswing your executive and management skills.

These three fundamental skills are the basics of every triumph. And being an undergraduate, it is your responsibility to utilize your time in boosting your capabilities side by side, because they will help you both academically as well as in professional lives too. These skills will help you reach your destination much earlier than your competitors.