What exactly strikes to your mind, when the word TIME hits you? Is it your tomorrow’s routine? 9-5 job? Your procrastinated work? Or something else? But, one thing is sure about it that it never stops, neither for itself. The moment we marked our first cry on the earth, time started to show its significance and now as Adults few know its True value while some part of them doesn’t.

I don’t want you to surprise by the fact that you can buy anything you want from millions and billions of money, but you can’t buy time and that’s what makes it unique in different ways and like money it is too valuable to waste. Considering time as the most valuable gift in life apart from all those materialistic worlds, many people have been at a place they have always dreamt of. Do you think you have time? And if yes then how much? And the answer is you never know how much time you have in your life and the best time to start anything new in life is at the present moment. You just can’t simply make no use of time and if you don’t believe it at the moment, then wait until you get up to something in your old age and see that if you don’t think that time is valuable and then Every minute will start to show its true value.

Just have a look at all those things to you spend time and later you will realize that you are wasting a lot of time. And if you are going to waste your time now, you are going to end up with nothing, but regrets. People with confused life goals keep sitting and wondering about what they are going to do in their life. But, remember by doing all those you are still running out of time so better hold yourself accountable and take a step.

All you can do is stop following the crowd in which people with no life goals and future plans exist. And I believe it’s time for you to have what you are supposed to have and live life on your terms. We all get 24 hours a day and it surely depends on how and the way we utilize it. It’s your time to be happy, it’s your time to become the one everyone else thought you couldn’t. It’s time for a change no matter big or small.