Does it happen to you when you are so happy, you suddenly think of something that happened in your past which shattered you? It happens, right? Some incidents leave such an imprint on your heart which becomes impossible to erase. Then why try to erase them? Let them be. It was a part of your life. If that part was missing from your life, you may not have done some things which you did to rectify your mistakes.

Regrets often stand in your way to rise. It is like we are carrying a bag of guilt everywhere we go. That bag even gets heavy with time. All we need to do is learn from our actions, drop the bag, bury it, and finally, move on.

Those regrets come from a reason. Those actions of yours were your first time to teach you that this should be the last time. And believe it or not, you were enjoying that moment before you know what it’s going to turn to! No one ever has the idea that their best moments could hurt them the most. Even if you come across the memories of those moments anytime in the future, just greet them with a smile because it’s gone! So, look at the bright side. You had some bitter regrets after having your best moments.

Some things are worth regretting

So enjoy every chapter of your life and keep those regrets in your diary. Open it when you are going to do something senseless next time.