“The hustles we face makes you experienced while overcoming them”

We all have dreams to work in the best environment with colleagues supporting around but when that dream turns into reality it’s a not less than a sparkling moment of your life.

The journey you take while working at a Startup is always a fast-moving one, running at lightning speed where to grow you need to sail through at par with others

“To grow in a startup environment, you need to be constant on your toes”

To make your journey a smooth one right from the start here is what you must take care of:

• Maintaining A Journal

Success At Work

From my personal experience, a journal is a must-have when you are visiting one workplace to another. This journal is the best buddy if you want to keep yourself updated and make sure all your work is at your fingertips.

Maintaining a journal will keep you very efficient.

• Keeping A Constant Follow-Up With Your Team

Success At Work

The job of an Operations Manager is completely incomplete if he fails to follow up with his team. Operations demands dedicated teamwork.

It is also essential to track your work at every stage and make a note when it is complete because the team is already overworked.

Delay in resolving the issues could worry your client and create distrust. Follow-up helps speed up the resolution of the problems.

• Be Active And Vigilant

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There is a saying that your brain and eyes should always be open. It is apt for a field job where you don’t know what the problems you may have to face next.

For example, being a Customer Success Manager, there are plenty of problems that range from technical to administrative that can pop up any time. You need to be there no matter what part of the day or what time it is.

The focus should be on resolving the problem at the earliest.

There will be times when you don’t have an instant solution to a problem at hand, and this is where experience plays a crucial role in coming up with the best possible solution.

When you face difficulty, don’t shy away from discussing the problem with your reporting manager.

• Your PR With Your Clients

Success At Work

Just like Rome was not built in one day, your PR with the client is something you need to develop by bringing a significant growth in his business.

If you can do that, it will help you in bringing more business to your company.

“There will be plenty of gripping & emotional moments but what will make you happy is the journey you carry on.”