In the present time, we have often come to hear the younger generation using the terms depression and insomnia in almost their everyday lives. These have become trendy diseases which everyone is proud to be suffering from. From Facebook posts to Whatsapp statuses, they publicly declare themselves to be suffering from a disease about which they have little knowledge or in many cases no information at all. But among those also lie some youngsters who silently and genuinely undergo depression due to various factors in their lives.

Today, as research suggests, the average teenager possesses the mental stress level of that of those who were at asylums in the 1950s. This trend is something that is quite important for everyone to take a serious look at. Today’s life has become so hectic and fast that this generation has become mechanized, living in a system out of which some emerge with flying colours but many often fall prey to.

In today’s superfast 4G life, many of us often fall short in the rat race and start doubting our capabilities. This is where the seeds of depression get sown. It is important for this generation to understand this, it is ok to fail, you can never always be successful. Instead of taking that failure to the heart, the young generation should try to use it as a source of motivation. Don’t let this disease overpower you. You are strong and talented. Never compare yourself to anyone else as to you it may seem he/she is better than you but you may be more talented than him/her in many other ways.

One of the best ways to relieve yourself of your suppressed emotions is to blurt it out in front of someone we trust and who cares for us. It may be your parents, family members, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend or anyone you feel like talking If someone is sharing something close to their heart, then please listen to what the person is saying and don’t make fun of him/her at that moment. It may be just a joke for you but for that person, it might crush all his emotional strong-will.

You can also use your passion to come out of the dreadful clutches of depression. Do what makes you happy, it may be music, art, dance, meditation, etc. If you feel like, go on a vacation and when you will be back you can start your work with a better and fresher aura of mind.

The days are gone when mental diseases meant madness. Everyone must try their level best to support each other in times of need. Dear parents, please don’t force your children to pursue your dreams but ask them to follow theirs. All the bhais, dostos and besties, don’t let your friends fall into this deep pit from where there is no coming back. And last but the most important, You, each one of You is Special in many ways. Never consider yourself as inferior or weak. No one is an expert at everything; everyone is learning and making mistakes.

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