Have you ever wondered why so many courses at our University offer a chance to learn Foreign Languages like French and German? In this largely interconnected world, where we can exchange our thoughts with an uncountable number of people, mastering just our own languages might just not be enough.

Lovely Professional University is a great example of how people from all around the world are increasingly sharing the same educational institutes and workplaces. Here’s how learning a Foreign Language not only adds to your knowledge but also widens your perspective about the world and opens new doors for your career.

  • Connecting More

Connecting More

Just imagine how it would feel to be able to connect to people beyond boundaries, people who don’t speak your language and don’t practice the same culture. Language is just not a way of communication, it is the gateway to one’s tradition and culture. An additional language allows us to understand and connect to so many more people from around the world, explore the roots of their traditions and know more about their way of living.

  • Enhancing Overall Personality

Enhancing Overall Personality

While monolinguals adapt to only one language, bilinguals and multilinguals tend to adjust better with more number of people, have improved memories and enhanced multi-tasking skills. They display more signs of creativity and are flexible to changes. Their understanding is not limited to one kind of the population, it keeps on widening.

  • Boosting Career Opportunities

Boosting Career Opportunities

As per the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, “The demand for bilingual specialists is growing exponentially. In fact, between the year 2010 and 2015, the number of U.S. job posts explicitly doubled toward bilingual applicants.” Obviously, employers worldwide are seeking professionals who can communicate with a wider variety of people overseas and attract bigger audiences.

  • Exploring The World

Exploring The World

Learning a new language will let you explore the world in better ways. It will lengthen your bucket list and drag you out of your boundaries. Travelling to different parts of the world will become easier because now, you can interact with a new set of population. You may even think about working and studying abroad more easily than your peers who have limited themselves to a lesser number of languages.

  • Getting Better At Making Decisions

Getting Better At Making Decisions

Research shows that “Decisions made in your second language are more reason-driven than those made in your native language.” When we think beyond our native language, we tend to make more clear-headed and rational decisions because we then discard our purely emotional responses and start thinking out of the box.

  • Gaining Wider Perspective

Gaining Wider Perspective

A new language allows us to see the world differently. It makes us introspect about how people around the world practice different cultures and have dissimilar lifestyles. It widens our perspective of the world, allows us to dive deep into how our lives are better than so many people on the planet and gift us entirely new wisdom. It makes us a better person!

Thus, a language is just not an additional component to one’s knowledge, it is instead a blessing which makes life better and prevents us from stifling our own thoughts and understanding those of others!

If given the chance, never miss out in learning a new language!