We are all aware of what a time-machine can do, I am sure most of us millennials were exposed through sci-fi based movies and fictional animations to the pictorial definition of how time-machine functions. Although some prominent scientists have derived a hypothesis and theories to the possibility of a time-machine, it still remains a fictional happening (Maybe after some 100 years it might quite be possible).

But let’s not get to the facts now, instead imagine how amazing it would be to possess a time machine. Imagine that we are in the 25th century and the possibility of a time-machine has become a reality, wouldn’t it be the next level of fun. And what if in that generation, every household possesses a time-machine. Mind was blown, right? … Hahaha.

There will be endless possibilities to what we can do with the time-machine. Think hard, sit-back, relax, and imagine all the possibilities running through your mind. You will have the key to control time itself.

Let’s start by giving justification to all the memes that ever existed about the ‘apple not falling on Newton’s head’. Using the time machine, we can go back to the time and catch the apple with our hands before it hits Newton’s head. And just like that, Newton would never have discovered gravity, and that would ultimately lead to the shrinkage of the ‘physics’ textbook almost by half (Cheers to the students of Higher Secondary). Although this would only be possible if the act of altering the past changes the future. But right now, we are talking about a time-machine, so all possible realistic facts become null…Hahaha.

Ever wondered how your parents lived their childhood…? Now that you got a time-machine, you can always experience the life back then. But keep in mind that technology was still a toddler then, the word ‘internet’ was just a myth.

With the help of the time machine, we can travel through different times and live through histories. We can see for ourselves the birth of civilization, and meet all those people who were an integral part of history. Next time a history student is asked to write a thesis, he/she may very well attach a selfie taken with the historic personalities. Time-machine, right? 

The time-machine can now take us to the concert of our favourite music bands of the past. Now we can watch them live and enjoy their music instead of waiting for the buffering to end on YouTube. 

The use of the time-machine is endless. There are possibilities that even our imagination will run out. Well, we will all have our own personal reasons and adventures in time travelling that we cannot wait to experience, but it is a fact that, having a time-machine would be the next level innovation for the mankind.