Are you also stressed over having countless assignments and finding ways to get rid of the stress and manage it? Then, welcome to this article that may prove to be a lifesaver for you! I understand how difficult it becomes to cope up with so many assignments at a time, one after another with little room to take a break. In such a situation, these are some of the methods you can try and make it a little easier on yourself.

Don’t stress yourself!

I’ll say it again and again, DON’T STRESS YOURSELF! The biggest mistake we do while we are at the receiving end of multiple assignments and presentations is panicking, and that makes things worse. The first task is to calm down and take things with a little ease. Take breaks and release your stress.

Sort it out!

As soon as you get a notification on your LPU Touch, count the number of CAs you get, whether assignment, presentation or, report, note the submission date of each one of them, count the number of days you have in between each submission and estimate how much time you require to complete one. Once you sort everything out, you’ll feel relieved to a certain level, and trust me! It helps a lot at the moment you start doing your work as now you are aware of what needs to be done!

Avoid confusion!

Before noting how to avoid confusion, let’s find the ways we can get confused while doing a CA. First, when too many submissions are active, you tend to get confused about which one to start with.  Another confusion occurs when you begin with more than one at a time and get perplexed as to what to add and where results in a terrible mix-up. Now, how to avoid it? Make a list of the assignments according to their date of submission, and start working on the earlier one first, then continue with the next one. Do one at a time and focus on it rather than starting numerous and getting puzzled.

Don’t keep it till the end!

It’s a humble request to everyone, especially the ones who are always in a hurry and getting mad due to lack of time and submitting it at the last hour, please complete your assignment a day in advance no matter what it takes. You can procrastinate later. This is one thing I always keep in mind and it helps me to lighten the burden on me. Lack of time is no excuse because they are given to you days before with enough time to finish it properly in advance.  

Hope it helps!