Countless Hollywood movies have showcased brilliantly what alien life might do to our planet and to us. But it all started when UFO researcher and astronomer Allen Hynek published a book about close encounters and its classification. Immediately acquiring worldwide fame, Hollywood’s “The Close Encounter of the Third Kind” was a debut. Since then, many movies have made attempts at creating similar scenarios of the types of encounters.

UFO Close Encounters

What is a close encounter?

Any type of encounter with extraterrestrial beings within 500 feet is termed as a “close encounter”. Allen Hynek argues that it is only within this distance, that a human mind can differentiate a regular object with that of a peculiar one.

However, UFO encounters above a distance of 500 feet are classified into a separate category. This category contains three types of encounters.

  • Nocturnal Lights

UFO Close Encounters

These are strange streaks of lights appearing in the night sky. They are the most common and the most reported of all the UFO encounters.

  • Daylight Discs

UFO Close Encounters

They are sightings of UFOs during daytime.

  • Radar/Visual Encounter

UFO Close Encounters

UFO sightings that are backed by Radar proof.

Classes of Close Encounters

  • The First Kind

UFO Close Encounters

The first kind refers to visual sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object within a distance of 500 feet.

  • The Second Kind

UFO Close Encounters

The second kind of encounters bring with them a physical disturbance such as interference in functioning of vehicle and electronic devices, paralysis, animals getting hyped, intense heat waves or impressions on vegetations.

  • The Third Kind

UFO Close Encounters

The third kind includes the sighting of a UFO along with alien life. It has further subcategories.

A: The alien is seen inside the UFO

B: The alien is seen outside the UFO

C: The alien is seen near the UFO, neither going in nor out ie. stationary.

D: The alien is seen but without any UFO nearby. However, early UFO activity has been reported.

E: The alien is sighted without any recent UFO activities.

F: No alien or UFO is seen by the target. But, the target experiences intelligent communication.

  • The Fourth Kind

UFO Close Encounters

This stage involves the abduction of humans by the alien life.

  • The Fifth kind

UFO Close Encounters

In this kind of encounter a conscious bilateral communication is carried out, that is initiated by the human with the extraterrestrial being.

  • The Sixth Kind

UFO Close Encounters

The sixth kind of encounter causes the death of an animal or human.

  • The Seventh Kind

UFO Close Encounters

This kind of close encounters involve the creation of an alien-human hybrid either by sexual reproduction or by artificial methods.