Engulfed in the known practice and psychological fact that when mankind gets to interact with the word ‘LOVE’, they always get carried away in the thoughts of love between two opposite genders. We all have the mindset that love only exists between couples. If that’s so, let me explain you what ‘LOVE’ is.

  1.   When your mom is very tired and feels to relax, and at that very point of time you request her for food because you are feeling hungry. She gets up leaving all her pain and tiredness aside to prepare a good meal for you, that is what is called LOVE.
  2. You return to your house after a hectic and busy day and you feel extremely exhausted. You ring the bell of your house, door opens and suddenly out of nowhere your dog jumps on you with a mesmerizing energy and affection, the emotions which you get is what is called LOVE.
  3.  When your father tells you a story so that you can understand a lesson from it. When he guides you to the right path, when he bends your thinking towards the end goals. When you find yourself in a deep trouble, he cries and cries in a lonely place so that he can act strong in front of you, that is what is called LOVE.
  4.  When an army soldier returns to his home after long months of his patriotic and risky duty, his wife hugs him for long long minutes in the idea that this time again, her husband made it alive to spend a few more months with her. And even when the same soldier keeps on kissing his kids with tears dropping continuously to show his affection, that is what is called LOVE.
  5.  When a sister lays her head on the shoulder of his brother and keeps on crying because mother had scolded her. The brother keeps on listening to her thoughts and keeps on rubbing his hand on her back. When he keeps on wiping the tears from her face and tries to make her smile. When in dark, he tightly holds the hands of his sister so that she could feel safe and secured, that is what is called LOVE.
  6.   When a friend always stands as a shield, as a supporter, as a guide, as a motivator and as a worthy sharer of sadness. That is what is called LOVE.
  7.  When your grandparents bless you with their devoted and kind heart, when they grace you with their precious wishes, when they admire you, when they share their worthy experiences with you, that is what is called LOVE.
  8.  When all the people with different religions come together to build and construct the essence of ‘Unity in Diversity’. When they all help each other whenever needed rather cooperate and build a nation worth living in, that is what is called LOVE.