A known brutalist and human butcher, Adolf Hitler was known to be the greatest dictator of all time. ‘A man of terror’ was what he was recognised for but then again, everything has two sides like a coin right?

So here are 5 fun facts about Adolf Hitler that could amaze you:

  1. He admired Disney:

Facts about Hitler

Adolf Hitler loved to watch people get killed, butchered, raped and tortured but on the other hand, he also loved the animation serials of Disney. He was so fond of Disney that at many times, liked to sketch the characters and cartoons of the Disney world. His personal favourite character was ‘King Kong’ as that resembled power and dominance.

  1. Hitler was once ordered to trim his moustache:

Fun Facts about Hitler

Hitler was known for his moustache and it’s appearance. His style of the moustache was of the handlebar variety. In the early stages of his career, while fighting as a soldier in the WWI, he was ordered to trim his moustache so as to get a comfortable fit in the gas masks.

  1. He was an extensive spender:

Fun Facts about Hitler

He followed and listened to no one. He was a follower of his own heart. Being a wealthy person, he never cared of how much should he spend and how much should he save. He loved to spend his money over cars, champagnes and cloths. He also spent money for deriving sexual pleasures. He had the most luxurious bungalow of his time.

  1. Hitler was a vegetarian:

Yes, you heard me right, Hitler was a vegetarian throughout his life. He did not even touch the eggs fore say. Hitler was an animal enthusiast and loved being around animals and petting them which is said to be the reason of his vegetarianism. It is also said that his digestion system was too weak to handle a lot of protein that was there in the flesh and the non-vegetarian food. So due to his health conditions also, he restricted himself from non-vegetarian food.

  1. His favourite actor died in the year 2011:

Recently in the year 2011, Hitler’s favourite actor passed away. The Dutch Johannes Heesters left his life at the age of 108. Although he was the favourite of the greatest dictator and got a lot of benefits from his side, the actor was allowed to perform everywhere but he never supported the process of Nazi Propaganda. Though, he did perform for the Nazi regime and was suspended for a long course of his career.