As Tony Gaskins once said, “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs”. Keeping this spirit in mind, Ansh Sharma, a 2nd-year B.Tech Chemical Engineering student of Lovely Professional University started his own venture Shakti Motors, an automobile dealership. Ansh, who was a member of LPU start-up school in his freshman year, struggled through various hardships to finally succeed in his entrepreneur dream.

“I had attended a workshop and used to work as part-time in Republic Motors as a dealer and a crew member during my summer holidays. Those were hard days and I used to get paid Rs 35/hour as part of my summer training. But it gave me an idea to change the concept of loader vehicles. I discussed the idea with my father who is a businessman dealing primarily in jewellery and cosmetics. With his guidance and support from faculty members of LPU, I was able to open Shakti Motors, when a dealership portal became available by which individuals could own automobile dealership agencies.

Shakti Motors Logo

Shakti Motors was officially registered on 11 January 2018 and is an innovative concept to completely revolutionize the purpose of delivery and transportation of goods and products. It led to a change in the businesses using hand-held karts and changed it to eco-friendly mechanized vehicles. Ansh also managed to connect both his and his dad’s business from Jalandhar to Chhattisgarh in an effective manner.

Verto launches his own ventures

But as they say, an innovative mind can never stay stagnant; Ansh and his friend Kartikey Pandey started working on another venture by the name “Put Your Goods”. It’s a personal belonging storage platform for the day scholars of Lovely Professional University during the summer holidays. LPU, being a diversified hub, students hailing from different states of India and well as countries, find it quite hard and expensive during vacations as pg owners and landlords charge a lot of money for storing their luggage. With the advent of such a scenario, “Put Your Goods” is an impressive initiative by which students can store their belongings without any worries at just Rs. 499.

Verto launches his own venture - "Put your goods"

Ansh’s entrepreneurship mindset is a great example of how perseverance can take you to a platform where you can skyrocket yourself to the pinnacle of success. It is indeed a proud moment for Lovely Professional University that one of its Vertos has achieved a high level of success at such a young age.

Verto launches his own ventures