“To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals – this alone is worth the struggle.” – William Osler

I have been fortunate enough to host, interact and interview a bunch of successful individuals. There has been one thing missing in the whole university experience for almost 2 years now. It is the interaction, the guidance and the exposure of a student culture that sustains the whole community. I hope you have seen people growing under the mentorship of a successful individual. It is not just the mentorship but also the companionship that can change the course of life and the world’s history. In this article, I have the story of a bunch of friends who united for a cause.

Vertos’ Tales: The Journey From LPU Hostels to LPU Hotels

I am talking about the famous band called “The Leading Drops” who have been our university’s official representative band for years and have taken part in several state and national level ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions. They have won the Battle of Bands at the Maharishi Markandeshwar University in Ambala. They consider LPU as a boon in their life which made this band possible through the support of the Division of Student Welfare department. They revere Dr. Saurabh Lakhanpal sir and admire the initiatives he took.

The stereotypes were shattered by these young musicians that the successful people have this aura of a certain attitude toward them. The best thing about the band is the performer they are. They all are from diverse backgrounds with one aim in their heart. They have a passion for music and entertaining people with good music. One is not that chatty, the other is an extrovert, and the other is an ambivert. They have so varied personalities. However different they are, they act as “The Leading Drops” during the performances and they shake the stage with their performance. If you see them off the stage, you cannot even think that they all are musicians, let alone a rock band.

Vertos’ Tales: The Journey From LPU Hostels to LPU Hotels

They were so enthusiastic about guiding their juniors in the university. The whole journey they had was mapped out with a fair share of ups and downs. The thing that I was interested in was their unity. See, it is fascinating for me because I have seldom seen people collaborate in my branch. There was more envy in the air than fraternity. It was not all rainbows for them, and it has never been. They had arguments and issues. It took them time to build this team of artists. The time, patience and the collaborative spirit was the key that has helped them be unified with music even when they are miles apart. They don’t sleep when it comes to music. Their schedules don’t match but that doesn’t hold them back.

All these endeavors by “The Leading Drops” truly proved that nothing is impossible with perseverance in life. I hope you draw out some inspiration from these performers and become the best version of yourself.