To say Lovely Professional University is huge is a euphemism at its peak! With over dozens of buildings, 30,000+ Vertos, 1,000+ faculties, staff, workers at the very least Lovely Professional University is Brobdingnagian! The university itself is like a mini-city, spanning over 600 acres, including massive academic centers, faculty residences, student dorms, auditoriums, mall, amphitheater, and indeed is a populated place. But, how do all of these folks get by and reach where they need to be?

Ways to get around one of India's largest universities!

(1). Walking:

It is not only the healthy way to go, but it’s always gratis (free of charge)! A twenty-minute commute from your dorm room to your lecture hall ramps up your metabolism and serves you the daily dose of exercise that your body needs. You can feel the rush of adrenaline and dopamine while walking through the bustling pavements covered with paper flowers, surrounded by lush green farms and the fresh morning breeze. I can tell it’s beyond question that wandering on foot is the best way to go.

But, what if you are a fresher you can’t relate to any of that, don’t you? Don’t worry! We got you covered. You can take a 360 Virtual Tour on your smartphone or laptop, and it is VR compatible too.

Here’s the link:

Ways to get around one of India's largest universities!

(2). E Rickshaw:

Just hop on and hop off! It’s as easy as it gets! Chances are you are probably running late on your way to your lecture hall, or you are just feeling lazy, that’s why you are looking for a ride. Whatever your reason might be, it costs ₹ 10 per ride to drop you at any destination from any spot on campus. It’s pretty affordable!

Coming Soon: Driverless E Rickshaw!

Bicycle Friendly University - Hexi Bikes at LPU

(3). Hexi Bikes:

Hexi Bike racks are scattered all over the campus. It’s an efficient way of daily commuting on campus if you don’t mind riding a bicycle. And you don’t have to worry about keys, air, breakdowns. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the bike using the Hexi app, and the ride is yours. It doesn’t get any easier; You just get faster! A quote by Greg LeMond (American Professional Cyclist) seems fitting for this instance.

Ways to get around one of India's largest universities!

(4). Skateboarding or Roller Skates:

So, you want to stand out? Huh! Gotta do, what you gotta do (of course within laws)! I have seen all sorts of methods for commuting on campus. The roads are silky smooth and perfect for skateboarding or roller skating, but you might want to avoid rush hours or take alternate routes to avoid vehicles.

Ways to get around one of India's largest universities!

(5). Need help with your aid?

If you got some mobility impairment may be temporary or permanent. Don’t worry! Uni Hospital has got you covered! You can get a wheelchair scooter or a pushchair and rock your way through the campus. Folks at Lovely Professional University are very kind-hearted and friendly. If you need some help, just ask! We are happy to help you out!