All the major technological revolutions are brought primarily by the invention of new materials. Be it the evolution of a computer made up of 5000 vacuum tubes weighing two tons to a palmtop, or the usage of nanoparticles to clean the environment. 

Synthesizing materials is just one example of how beautifully the three sciences (physics, chemistry & mathematics) blend to solve major problems of society. From those glasses that make a spacecraft window to many nanofabricated substances, everything is possible because of the scientists that fail 99 times. 

Here are some reasons and facts about pure sciences that prove that “The Boring Sciences Theory” is false, and why you should consider studying these subjects after high school.

Industries Need You

Almost all the industries have a Research & Development division that makes sure that their company is using its resources efficiently, and their products serve their purposes. Making continuous improvements in the manufacturing process is essential for the industries and for that, they need people from science background. 

International Exposure

While doing research in pure sciences at any level (Undergraduate, Postgraduate or PhD), there are numerous opportunities available at world class universities abroad. If you are doing quality research and wish to pursue it in a foreign country with funding, then all you need to do is to find a researcher there who is working on the same project. 

Making the life of Engineers Easy

Biomedical engineers need materials that can be inserted inside the human body, civil engineers need lighter and eco-friendly materials for the buildings, automobile engineers need composites to make the automobiles light and cost-efficient. Engineering is working artfully and creating something for the community, and engineering is nothing but an outcome of deep knowledge of different sciences.