Graphic designing is a field that allows you to create or design anything with your creative mind and communicate to the world with your visual arts. When it comes to branding, a graphic designer is the one who plays a major role in it. Here are some reasons that may motivate you to be a graphic designer:

Designers are in demand

A good and talented designer is always in demand. So if you have the talent, skills, and determination towards your work, you may land your dream job in designing.

You will never stop learning

If you are the one who always tries to push and improve yourself, then graphic designing is best for you. There are new technologies with new tools, so a creative mind never stops exploring and learning new things. Being a designer, you will change and create new designs as per new trends.

You find a new perspective of the world

As a designer, you are always thinking differently for creating a good design, from poster and magazine cover to designing of furniture or interior of a house. You will always come across new demands of the clients, giving you a new challenge every day.

You can design from anywhere

For designing all you need is designing software along with a laptop having some basic accessories. As there is a constant demand for good designs around the world you can build your freelance career designs which refund allows you to work from home.

So want to learn graphic designing for free? Here are the top best websites that offer free courses with certificates.

  1. Graphic design certification by Calarts (COURSERA)
  2. Graphic design bootcamp online (Udemy)
  3. Illustrator CC 2018 Masterclass (Udemy)
  4. Adobe illustrator: mastering the fundamental (Udemy)
  5. Photoshop for entrepreneurs- Design 11 practical project