Yesterday, the Lovely School of Design department conducted an online interactive session with Mr Nikhil Devakar, one of the alumni from the batch of 2015, to share his work experience in the industry and give valuable inputs on the subject of product design. He graduated from the Lovely Professional University in the year 2019 and joined the Propipe System company as an intern, and today, in 2021 he works in the same company as the senior 3D modeller. According to him, “Product design is a process designer use to blend users need with the business goals, to create successful products.”

He dissected the two main types of products. The first one is Radical Designed products, which means an invention, something that is completely new for the world. The second is the Redesigned products, which is more of an innovation. Manipulating the material, colour, manufacturing processes or the dimensions of an already-existing product and its parts. For instance, iPhone 13!

According to Nikhil, Industrial design should be tangible. The products are manufactured in industries, small scale or large scale, it depends on the need of the product. He also explained the seven steps of the design process which include, understanding the problem, brainstorming, empathizing with the user, researching, ideating, problem-solving and prototyping. However, designing is a never-ending process, and one always digs deeper for developing a full-fledged product.

We also got to know about the career options as a Product and Industrial designer. One can either join an industry or continue freelancing. The demands of a UIUX designer are relatively high as everything is going digital. Knowledge in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, is highly preferred by companies for representing their products. Automotive and furniture design is also a good career option as a designer.

He also highlighted the importance of a strong portfolio and focusing on graphical presentation skills. As a freelancer, one can go for visual identity design, marketing and advertising design, publication graphics and packaging design, motion and animation, art and illustrations or logo design.

Some valuable tips for a newbie design student:

  • Upgrade your analogue skills and have a thorough knowledge of the CAD software.
  • Follow the latest design launch news and unboxing videos.
  • Participate in the Design India Show and various other design competitions.
  • Read The design of everyday things by Don Norman.
  • Build a strong CV.