Being a content writer is not one of the toughest jobs you may find yourself hurdling or struggling with. It’s not that you have to be a pro at English or should be able to compile heavy words to make fancy sentences. Being one myself, I would tell you that all you need is some basic knowledge and a little patience for freelancing!

Who is a freelance writer?

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and does not work for any particular firm considering them as independent and can work for different projects at the same time. So, a freelance writer works for himself and is expected to write relevant content by doing some research as asked by his clients. The writing can range from writing articles (including the one you’re reading right now!), blogs, manuals, scripts, brochures, newspapers to anything as per demand.

Types of jobs for a freelance writer

You’ll find a lot of jobs available online or offline for freelancing along with various internships being provided for getting appropriate content where you can also get paid a decent amount. Well, there’s an extra advantage for you if you are a student in LPU as LPU has a brilliant platform- [email protected] to encourage young writers to kick start their writing journey by getting their articles published on the official website. What can be more exciting for a student than seeing your article being published under your name and getting paid for the same? (Oh yeah! great feeling, isn’t it?)

Web content writer

As the name suggests, you’ll be writing on the internet for a particular website. This job can have variations from writing for selling any product, for service or running blogs. Here, you need to look out for some basic skills like finding suitable keywords, understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and learning how to increase web trafficking (that’s a little basic of Digital Marketing!).

Technical writer

A technical writer is a professional occupation who leads communication of information between several parties. Here you are asked to write guides and instruction manuals, relevant articles involving technical knowledge and if you are serious about it, you can go for a degree in technical writing.

Magazine or Newspaper writer

These are the areas where you can excel in both online (digital) and offline media. They involve reporting an event in an unbiased way, or review movies and books for a magazine, writing an interview or putting views on a specific topic.

Blog writer

Being ‘independent’ is what was talked about at the beginning of this article, if that what’s you are looking for, why not start your blog? This allows you to go all over the internet and provide your personal views regarding any topic in a biased or unbiased manner.

How much you can earn?

Though writing does not have easy or regular money, you can still dedicate your time and efforts towards it if you are passionate, and based on your punctuality, you can earn up to 2 lakhs/ year. Salary can be given based on the number of articles or the number of words per article. It depends on the skill and experience you acquire which can even make writing your primary job instead of a secondary one!