YES, of course. Being Vertos, we all know the importance and weightage of midterm exams in our CGPA, though the weightage percentage varies from one discipline to another. To achieve a high CGPA, there is an immense need to put the best effort into our preparation.

If you are already aware of the weightage of your midterm exams, that’s great. Then all you need is the right strategy for exam preparations. So, I’m here with seven exam-oriented strategies:

1. Create a study plan: To create an effective study plan, consider the syllabus, exam dates, and your hold over the subject. So, prepare the weaker subject before others to have enough time for the preparation. This study plan consists of both learning and revision time.

midterm examinations

2. Prepare the list of the weak, moderate & strong topics: Analyse the whole syllabus and categorize it according to your knowledge. Prepare those topics first, which fall in the weaker section but important from an exam point of view. If you follow this for all units, then you will be prepared efficiently.

3. Create a realistic target for the week: Due to unrealistic goals, we feel depressed and demotivated to complete the given task. Therefore, it’s better to avoid anxiety and depression by creating fair targets for the week. Ultimately, it supports our inner zeal to achieve those targets.

4. Make notes while studying: This is one of the crucial steps for students in exam time. It’s challenging to read and retain the concept from the beginning of our classes. Hence, prefer to make the notes while studying for the last time revision.

midterm examinations

5. Refer to the study material provided by teachers: Go through the study material like presentations, PDFs provided by professors on LPU LIVE. Follow the referred books of each subject to gain conceptual knowledge. It will improve your preparation by raising your thinking skills for multiple-choice questions.

6. Make flashcards and flowcharts: Add flowcharts, diagrams, pointers in your revision notes. Prepare flashcards for information like important dates, formulas, and statistical data. It is a great trick to boost memory retaining power.

midterm examinations

7. Revise regularly: Revision is the key. So, make sure you focus on the revision of weaker topics to develop a better understanding. Now the revision process is more manageable with the help of MY CLASS lecture recordings, which facilitate going through any lecture at any time.

So, follow these strategies in the upcoming midterm exam preparation for better results. Even you can apply these to any future examinations that’ll eventually boost your CGPA. 

All the very best!