Life has gotten nerve-wracking like never before. Schools, colleges, and even restaurants, all at once at halt caused by a grave menace. Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, the revive is far from our site, vehemently standing on the pinnacle of extreme danger. Perhaps the hopes of people are higher than mightier. Thanks to our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and policemen. We all are doing a wonderful job wherever we are. While some are stuck in our happy homes we all wish to get back to our normal lives sooner. But the question is will it be any better?

Life after quarantine

Essential things In Every Student's Bag

Sadly the truth is, we won’t be able to express our deepest love and affection in physical greeting. As students, we live in a highly socialized community called college. No handshakes, no mass meetings can affect our relations. But understandably, we are tied down to follow social distancing to protect ourselves, even though we have a vaccine now. So, there are some essentials every student should and must have in their bags.

Hand sanitizer or pocket hand wash

Remember, anyone could be an infected person. Especially when you are in a crowd extra care means extra immune. Washing hands frequently acts as a hefty armour against the virus. If you can’t wash hands, use a hand sanitizer every twenty minutes. Meticulously follow the routine and also encourage others to do the same. Lend things less and strictly limit your borrowing nature.

Water Bottle

Essential things In Every Student's Bag

Treat it like something valuable that only belongs to you. Advisable to not share the water bottle even with your friends except in some emergency circumstances. Don’t ask somebody to fill water for you instead do it by yourself. Don’t let the tip of the tap and bottle touch each other while filling the water.



Put real efforts into making a beautiful-looking mask for yourself that goes along with the dress. But don’t hurriedly buy masks at expensive stores. Always keep an extra one in case you need it. You have all the time in the world to make a gorgeous mask. You can find several videos online if required.


Essential things In Every Student's Bag

Laptops, mobile phones, pencils and pens need a surface to rest upon. The table you adjust your belongings may not be super clean. You put all of them right back into your bag and they are just a junction of germs. That’s when you need a good size wiper to clean up the mess.

Online Payment Applications

online payment

Just in the nick of time the whole country is aware of online payments and got familiar with them. Mobile applications like Google Pay, PayTm and Phone Pay are quite popular in the country. Instead of cash in hand, pay for everything using online payment modes. Lastly, thrive in these times to be more future-ready and get rigid.